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AccountingEdge Review

accounting edge boxRunning a business can be tough. There are so many things to manage. You have your customers, their sales history. You have all of your employees and payroll. What about products, services and inventory? Let's not forget all of your vendors or suppliers. That is a lot of information to manage. There is one tool that can manage all of that and more. It is called AccountingEdge and it gives your business an edge on accounting and business growth.

Go Mobile!

Busy business people need access to important business information while they are on the go. With AccountingEdge you can access all of your business information from your mobile device. AccountingEdge will silently sync all of your data with your mobile device. You can record sales, access customer information, enter expenses and more, all from the convenience of your mobile device. There is no longer any need to carry notes back to the office. You can enter everything as it happens.

Manage payroll the way you want.

Payroll can be a complicated matter. Use AccountingEdge's full service payroll service and get back to running your business and generating revenue. Offer direct deposit to all of your employees to make things more convenient for everyone.

Keep track of Inventory.

AccountingEdge offers complete inventory control via one simple to use inventory command center. Receive items, add detailed product descriptions, assign multiple pricing levels, track and manage inventory in multiple locations, and adjust or move inventory from one location to another with a click of a button.

One screen can tell you everything that you need to know about an item in inventory. You can learn: where it is, where it is supposed to go, how many are on hand, how much it costs, how much it sells for and more. Complete and total inventory control that can be accessed from any location helps you keep your inventory in line.

Track employees time.

The built in Time Tracker allows you to track employees and subcontractors from anywhere. You can allow them to log in from anywhere that has an internet connection and enter time.

Keep things current with your accountant.

AccountingEdge goes one step further by sending your accountant a free copy. Then all you need to do is share files. Your accountant will always have all of your company information.


Access your company information from anywhere

Integrates with popular web stores for web based businesses

Keep your payroll under control

Complete inventory management

Keep track of all of your customer information in one easy to find place


AccountingEdge puts you in the driver's seat and puts your business back in your hands. It is a virtual office in a box. Stay in touch with customers, employees and suppliers from anywhere in the world. Track and manage every aspect of your product inventory or services. These are just a small sampling of what this software can do for your business. Give your business the edge that it needs to prosper with AccountingEdge accounting software.

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