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Acronis Backup & Recovery Review

acronis backup & recovery boxBacking up your important personal and business files is not just a good idea, it is crucial. Computers break down, and sometimes you or someone you know might accidentally delete your files. It could be completely unintentional, or you might be the victim of malicious code like a nasty virus or malware. Either way, without a proper backup you might be out of luck. Acronis Backup & Recovery lives up to its name. It is a full backup and recovery solution in one package.

Speedy file recovery

These days time is money. Acronis gives you a streamlined backup and recovery system that can restore single files, or entire operating systems quickly and efficiently. Don't spend valuable hours or days trying to recover all of your lost files. With Acronis you can quickly recover single files like: songs, pictures or movies. You can also recover one or even two emails.

Award winning solutions that work

Backup & Recovery has won numerous industry awards for excellence and ease of use. Their patented disk imaging software is constantly being developed and refined for efficiency and ease of use.

Acronis Backup & Recovery makes worse case scenarios simple

Other software solutions combine multiple software packages to backup and restore your files. This just makes things difficult and confusing for everyone. Acronis Backup & Recovery is easy to install, easy to use, and easy to manage. Choose from complete automation, and rest assured knowing that all of your files can easily be recovered in the event of disaster. Don't panic, this program has you covered.

Putting everything into one easy to use package will also save you money. Don't spend money on extra programs when you can get everything that you need in one package.

Full recovery of multiple systems

When your hard drive crashes, you will have to spend quite a bit of time re-installing your operating system. Once that is done, you will then have to re-install all of your applications. This can take days to do. You might not even know where all of the original disks are. With Acronis Backup & Recovery, everything can be recovered in one simple process. Just one click is all it takes.

Backup and recover to cloud storage

Backups can be put on disk, but Acronis Backup & Recovery offers backing up all of your files to cloud storage. Cloud storage is just backing up your files to a different location other than your home. This has huge advantages. You will be able to access any of your files, from any computer that has access to the internet.


One backup and restoration solution

Award winning easy to use software

Patented disk image software ensures everything is backed up quickly

Restore multiple operating systems

Disaster recovery plan makes restoring everything simple


If you are looking for an all in one backup and restore solution, then Acronis Backup & Recovery is an excellent choice. You get everything you need to quickly and easily backup and restore entire systems or single files. The choice is yours.

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