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Antivirus Software Reviews

The statistics are in. More than 85% of all computer owners will experience some sort of computer virus or malicious attack if they do not use an anti-virus software package. If you use the internet, check emails, log into popular social networks or download files then that risk is even greater.

What can a VIRUS do to your computer?

A computer virus is not a living organism. It is just another program that runs on your computer. That doesn't sound that bad does it? That is not all a virus does.

Most computer viruses will secretly install themselves on your computer. Once they are installed they will deliver a nasty payload that can completely erase everything on your hard drive. After a virus has deleted all of your files, it will install itself into the deepest part of your computer's memory. Once there it waits for you to try and re-install all of your files. It will either prevent you from re-installing anything, or it will give you the false sense of security that it is gone, and only then will it start this viscious cycle all over.

How do viruses spread?

Viruses can quickly spread through the internet, popular social networks and email. Some viruses will go through your email software and email itself to everyone in your address book. The email will arrive in your friends inbox and your friend will open it because it came from a trusted source, you. Then is starts its nasty business.

What can you do?

Prevention is the key. If you are not using anti-virus software then you not only put your computer at risk, but you are also putting friends and family members at risk as well. Anti-virus programs can prevent any of this from ever happening and if you think your computer might already be infected, then Anti-virus software can remove the infection before it spreads.

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