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Avira AntiVir Review

avira antivir boxOver 50% of all computer users experience some sort of malicious software that can either destroy their computers or steal their identity. It only takes a few seconds for your computer to become infected by a virus, and chances are you use your computer for several hours a day.

Some people depend on their computers for more than entertainment. They handle every aspect of their business with their computer. The rate of infection is even higher amongst business users.

If you surf the internet, check emails or log into a social network, then you are at risk of an infection. Avira AntiVir can provide you with complete protection 24/7.

Prevention is the key

Avira prevents viruses and all types of malicious software from installing themselves on your computer. It does this with an advanced algorithm that identifies virus signatures and footprints. It goes one step further by stopping unknown viruses in their tracks by analyzing their behavior. This is a key feature that other anti-virus programs are missing.

Some viruses try to alter portions of your computer that should never be altered. This suspicious code is stopped before it can deliver its nasty payload. A built in WebGaurd will steer you away from problem websites that have been known to silently install viruses and malware. MailGuard will scan all incoming mail an remove any viruses before the infected mail can enter your inbox. All of this is handled quietly in the background without hogging all of your computer's resources.

Are your infected?

It is very possible that your computer could already be infected with any of these nasty programs. After installation Avira's anti-virus program sends out the troops and checks your computer for known threats. If any are found, they are promptly eliminated. If software repairs are necessary, Avira makes the necessary repairs all on its own. A unique RescueSystem can restart your computer in emergency situations.

Easy to install, easier to use!

Installing Avira is as simple as clicking a button. There are no confusing questions that require a degree in computer science to answer. There is only a quick easy installation. Operating Avira is even easier. The developers know that no one wants confusing choices or a screen full of buttons and selections. Avira was designed to be easy to use regardless of your current computer knowledge.


Detects and protects you against known viruses, worms and trojans

Erase spyware before it steals your information

Protects your identity from Phishing scams

Antirootkit protects you from hidden files

Stops unknown viruses before they can attack


Avira AntiVir Premium is an award winning set of tools that can keep your computer free and clear of every type of malicious attack on the internet. It has support for desktop computers, laptops, Mac OS and netbooks. Avira not only cleans your computer of any known infections, but it also prevents unknown infections from ever happening. Avira's anti-virus software is the tough guy on the block, and it is ready to protect you and your computer system from any type of threat.

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