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BitDefender Internet Security Review

bitdefender internet security boxJust like everything else in life, the internet has a dark side. A side that most of us never know anything about until it is too late. There are hackers out there who do nothing more than make your life a hassle. There is unwanted spam emails that can fill your inbox to the point of frustration. There are viruses that can destroy your computer. There are malicious programs that are designed to steal your identity, bank information and ultimately, your money. You can protect yourself from all of these online threats with one simple tool, BitDefender Internet Security.

Award winning advanced security

BitDefender Internet Security sits on top with numerous awards for its powerful protection software. It is the only software of its kind to win top awards, and receive top recommendations from organizations all over the world. Several industry magazines have put BitDefender to the test. It passed everything that was thrown at it and it outperformed all of the competition.

Maximum protection against all types of internet threats.

In the beginning there were just computer viruses that could erase your computer's data. You could lose all of your personal information. Today it is completely different. There are several types of threats, and it is very important to have something that will protect you and your computer from all of them. BitDefender does just that. It will protect you from every type of online threat that exists today, and it will protect you from the thousands of new threats that appear everyday. You can rest assured that you will be protected. Let BitDefender do all of the work for you.

Protect your privacy.

More and more cyber crimes are based on identity theft. BitDefender can and will protect your privacy from unwanted eyes. Other software packages don't offer this unique feature. Your email conversations, instant messages and online activities are all your personal private information. Let BitDefender keep it under lock and key.

Protection for the whole family that you can trust.

One out of five parents do not monitor their children's online activities. Your children are exposed to the same types of threats that you are and more. With BitDefender you can monitor your child's online activities from your computer, smart phone or Iphone. This is just one more reason why BitDefender outperforms all of the other internet security software on the market.


Stops all types of threats including: viruses, spyware, adware, malware and hacking attempts

Warns you about untrustworthy websites before you get to them

Don't just dodge spam, eliminate it for good

Choose from three modes of operation including: Basic, Intermediate and Expert

Block Hackers with a bulletproof two way firewall system


BitDefender Internet Security is much more than an internet security package. It can stop all types of online threats before they happen to you. It features an easy to use set of tools that can work quietly in the background while you surf the net, shop online, check emails or check any of the popular social networks. BitDefender defends your computer so you won't have to!

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