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January 26, 2012

How To End PC Driver Problems

Ever got a call from a family member that went, “Help, my printer suddenly won’t print,” “My WiFi stopped working” or “I bought a new computer and my old scanner just won’t run on it.”  As soon as you heard that, you knew it was a driver problem.  Now, if only there was a way you can fix that without having to drive all the way there…

Actually, there is.  Just tell them to download a driver update software, ask them to do a few things and see what happens.  That is, provided they know enough of the basics for using a computer, like getting online, downloading a software and installing it, of course.

What can a driver update program do?  A lot.  If they have an existing computer that suddenly won’t play nice with a peripheral or gadget they have, the software can do a thorough scan of the computer and refresh all the current drivers, including that for those peripherals that aren’t working.  Doesn’t matter if the current driver’s been corrupted or damaged — the software will automatically download the latest compatible version for your system and update it.

For those who got new computers whose Oses aren’t compatible with their old accessories, you can use the driver update software to look for drivers.  Just manually input details like manufacturer and model, then have the program run a search online.  Apart from that, you can also use driver update programs to regularly check for updates, backup installed drivers, create single-file installers for quick restoration and clean up unused drivers in your system, among other useful things.

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