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May 22, 2011

Scrapbooking Software Reviews – Which is the best?

Scrapbooking is a fun and rewarding hobby. Keeping memories (i.e. your wedding day) and storing special moments can become an addictive hobby. Purchasing all of the supplies to do this can get expensive. Every time you want to add something new, you have to run out to the craft store and buy a new accessory. Craftartist Platinum i.e. makes scrapbooking cheaper and easier. It is like having a craft store right in your computer. You won’t ever have to run out and buy another accessory again.

Make things easier!

Digital scrapbooking software is supposed to make things easier on you. The last thing that anyone needs is a complicated piece of software to confuse them and suck the fun right out of scrapbooking. This type of software is easy to use, and most of them offer step by step videos that will have you creating beautiful scrapbooks in no time.

Personalize everything!

Scrapbooking software makes personalizing everything simple. You can import any of your photographs right into your new scrapbook design. Easy to use special effects can remove redeye and facial blemishes with just the click of a button. Remove unwanted backgrounds and position your photos exactly where you want them to go. Perfect to spice up baby photos and preserve them for years to come, and cool to create beautiful greeting cards for invitations or thank you letters.

Add your own text and style it anyway you want. Change the font, the size and color with just a few clicks. Add some beautiful embellishments, fancy stitches, borders, cutouts and punches with a click of the mouse. Style everything exactly the way you want it. The only real limit is your imagination and even that can gain inspiration from some of the many included themes or templates.

Take scrapbooking to a new level with easy to use affordable scrapbooks software.

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