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January 31, 2012

Tell-Tale Signs Of Spyware Infection

Some “experts” say that 90% of all computers connected to the internet are infected with some form of spyware.   While I feel that’s an inflated number, the fact remains: spyware is a serious threat that can afflict anyone who uses the internet.

If you’re worried that your PC might be infected, here are some tell-tale signs that makes it clear it might be time to invest in a new anti-spyware software:

  • Your computer often slows to a crawl while you have minimal amount of programs running (HINT: spyware programs are probably hogging your memory resources).
  • Advertisements pop up even when you’re not using a browser.  Heck, sometimes, they’ll show up even if you’re not online.  (HINT: you’ve got malicious software opening ads all by itself).
  • When you open your browser, your home page is a strange website you’ve never even visited, let alone used.   (HINT: the spyware jacked your browser settings; chances are, they did it at the registry level, too).
  • Your web browser has a ton of items on it.  Things like a toolbar, a search bar and all sorts of items now clutter your browser that you don’t remember installing.  (HINT: they installed themselves and won’t go away even if you uninstall them).

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