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Craftartist Baby Photos Review

craftartist baby photos boxOne of the many joys of being a new parent is capturing all of those special moments on camera. There is nothing like looking back later at all of the fond memories. You could print out all of the pictures and put them all into a traditional photo album, or you could have some real fun and start creating a digital photo scrapbook that highlights all of those special moments. Photographing your child is the fun and easy part. Deciding how to show off all of your photos isn't always so easy. CraftArtist Baby Photos is a great way to really enhance your precious moments.

Very easy to use

As a new parent you now have a whole new set of responsibilities that take a lot of your free time. You definitely don't have any free time to learn how to use some complicated piece of software. CraftArtist Baby Photos makes digital scrapbooking super easy. Use the step by step videos to create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.

Choose from loads of existing templates

The only real limit to CraftArtist Baby Photos is your imagination, and even that can get a nice boost with the loads of easy to use templates. There is a template for every type of project that you could imagine.

Personalize your precious moments

Start by personalizing photos with custom text. You can choose from hundreds of different fonts and designs. You can re-size the text and position it anyway that you want. The choice is all yours. The templates make things very easy and they are a great source of inspiration.

Add beautiful embellishments

With just a few clicks, you can add colorful embellishments to your already beautiful photos. Choose from hundreds of baby themed designs like: stars, hearts, balloons and flowers. Use fancy borders and brushes to add to your already wonderful project.

Share your creations with the world

Once you are done creating your project, you can save it is an image. You can print that image or share it with the world. You can also choose to save your project as a PDF for home printing, or for a professional printing service.


Designed from the ground up to be very easy to use

Personalize every aspect of your new born baby photos with special effects, photo tools and more

Share your precious moments with friends, family and the world

Helpful videos walk you through step by step explaining every little detail

Choose from hundreds of predefined templates or start from scratch


With CraftArtist Baby Photos you can easily build a beautiful scrapbook of your child's life. Save these precious moments forever. Your kids are only young once, and they change every single day. Being able to look back at all of those great pictures and moments will bring a smile to your face any day. CraftArtist Baby Photos allows you to go back in time and relive all of those great memories all over again.

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