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Craftartist Greeting Cards Review

craftartist greeting cards boxOver 7 billion greeting cards are purchased every single year. They are a great choice for every kind of special event imaginable, but there is one thing that every single greeting card on the market today lacks. None of them have that personal touch. With CraftArtist Greeting Cards you can create personal greeting cards that can't be found in any store!

You don't have to be an artist

The possibilities are limitless. CraftArtist Greeting Cards is loaded with hundreds of premade templates. You don't even need to be that creative. Just browse through the templates until you find one that you like.

Just looking through the templates will give you lots of inspiration to start creating. You can use these ideas to start from scratch or modify an existing template until it fits your special occasion perfectly. The only limit is your imagination.

Simple to use

Creating your own personalized greeting cards couldn't be any easier. Just drag and drop images right into a template. Add some text and you have a one of a kind creation that will show you really care.


This is the area where CraftArtist Greeting Cards really shines. The whole idea of being able to create a personalized greeting card regardless of the occasion is what makes it better than any store bought greeting cards.

You can easily import your own photos and enhance them with special effects. You can surround them with stylish borders and designs. Drop in a personal message by adding your own text to the design. The powerful text editing tools allow you to choose the text style, font, color and size.

Add clever embellishments to enhance your greeting card and make it more attractive. You can print out any designs and stick them to your cards by hand. There is no limit to what you can create!

A greeting card for every occasion

Greeting cards are not just for birthdays and anniversaries, they can be for any special moment that you want to highlight. A simple thank you goes much further as a personal thank you card with pictures of a special event. The family Christmas cards just got better with the ability to create your own from the convenience of your home.


Create personalized greeting cards for any occasion

Add your own photos and make them perfect with special effects

Easy to use software makes creating greeting cards fun

Step by step tutorials will have you creating beautiful greeting cards in no time

Personalize every aspect of your new greeting card design


CraftArtist Greeting Cards makes creating greeting cards fun and easy. It allows you to save money by never having to buy another greeting card again. No more trips to the store to buy the same exact greeting card that everyone else has. Create them right from your computer! Have fun and use your imagination to create one of a kind cards for any occasion. Give your cards that extra special personal touch that shows you care with CraftArtist Greeting Cards!

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