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Craftartist Platinum Review

craftartist platinum boxIt doesnít always take an artist or a crafty person to create professional looking print projects. With the help of CraftArtist Platinum, anyone can start creating beautiful looking projects right at home. Its like having a craft store right inside your computer.

Creating jaw dropping projects is super easy

With three simple steps, anyone regardless of their artistic abilities can start creating!

  • Step 1: Choose what type of project you are going to start creating. There are hundreds of existing templates, or you can start from scratch and choose a blank template.
  • Step 2: It is time to personalize your project. With one simple click you can add your own personal photos, change backgrounds, add designs, add embellishments, or add names and dates to give everything that personal touch that shows you care.
  • Step 3: It is time to share your project with the world. CraftArtist Platinum has several different ways to share your wonderful creations. You can choose to print them, email them, or save them for a professional print service. The whole process is extremely addictive and easy. Once you get started creating, you will not want to stop.

What can you make?

The question is not what can you make, but what canít you make. With CraftArtist Platinum, you can create projects for every theme or occasion. Choose from: greeting cards, scrapbooks, invitations, photo albums, stationary, gift tags, and much more. The only limit is your imagination!

Easy to use photo tools

You don't have to be a computer genius to fix common photo problems. With just a few clicks of a button, you can remove red eye or facial blemishes. You can also easily remove backgrounds from any of your personal photos. With one click you can apply professional looking special effects like: blur, sepia, pop art, water color and more.

Hundreds of craft tools without visiting the craft store

With CraftArtist Platinum, there is no need to run out to the craft store every time you want a new brush or design to add to your project. They are all included. Choose from hundreds of creative designing tools like: lace brushes, glitter brushes, embroidery, and creative edges.

Get creative with text and make any text look exactly like you want it to. There are dozens of included stencils, or you can create your own! Punch or cut out shapes likes stars or hearts to give your project that extra bit of detail. Virtual scissors allow you to create several types of fancy edges and cuts.


Simple and easy to use, everyone becomes an artist

Powerful tools for photos let you remove blemishes and add special effects

Personalize any project with pictures and text the way you want them to appear

Share your creations with the world or save them for a professional print service

Choose from several different creative tools to spice up your projects


CraftArtist Platinum can turn any plain old project into an eye catching work of art that can be shared with the whole world. You don't have to be a graphic artist or a computer genius to use this easy creative software. Don't spend thousands of dollars on some piece of software that takes a college degree to use. Unleash your inner artist and start creating beautiful projects with CraftArtist Platinum.

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