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Craftartist Scrapbooks Review

craftartist scrapbooks boxScrapbooking is a great way to preserve special moments for a lifetime. Birthdays, anniversaries and weddings are special events that should be celebrated and documented, and there is no better way to cherish all of those great memories than by putting them into a scrapbook. Creating beautiful scrapbooks just got so much easier with CraftArtist Scrapbooks. It is like having a scrap book supply store right in your computer.

Simple projects makes scrapbooking fun and easy

CraftArtist Scrapbooks has several projects to choose from. The beauty of this lies in the simplicity. Follow the step by step designs to start creating the perfect scrapbook for you. Choose from dozens of themes covering every possible occasion all from the convenience of your own home.

Easy to use craft tools

It is like having a craft store right in your computer. You can choose from several different tools to make your scrapbook even more beautiful than it already is.

  • One click scissors - Use these scissors to cut intricate shapes and designs.
  • Textured stitches Make beautiful textured stitches around borders to give your scrapbooks an eye catching edge.
  • One click punches Punch different shapes around edges for added beauty.
  • Stencils Choose from several different stencils or create your own from imported objects.
  • Brushes There are several different brush designs at your disposal. You can choose brush designs, color, size and shape to make your scrapbook perfect.

Enhance your photos with professional effects

Import your photos and then simply drag and drop them into place. Use professional effects to blend your photos, remove redeye, remove facial blemishes and create special effects that look great. Remove unwanted backgrounds and place your photos anywhere you want.

Get personal with stylized text

Add text to your scrapbook and use the intuitive text tools to style the text anyway that you want. Make text follow paths, change fonts, change colors, change sizes, all with one simple click. This adds a personal touch that conventional scrapbooks can't.

Embellish your designs

Add colorful embellishments to your scrapbook. Choose from many premade designs or create your own from items that you can import right into your collection.


Create personalized scrapbooks to preserve special moments in your life

Add your own photos and remove common photo problems like redeye

Choose from preexisting templates or create your own for any style theme

Step by step tutorials will have you creating beautiful scrapbooks in no time

Choose from dozens of fancy craft tools to add the finishing touches to your beautiful memories


CraftArtist Scrapbooks gives you the ability to create any style scrapbook that you can imagine. Document and preserve all of your fond memories with ease. Personalize your scrapbook with photos, embellishments, textured borders, stitches, punches and more. Onscreen video tutorials make the whole process simple and fun. You only live once, making a scrapbook with CraftArtist Scrapbooks lets you relive all of those great moments anytime!

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