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CyberLink Power Director Review

cyberlink powerdirector boxHave you ever wanted to create stunning movie, but you ust did not know where to begin your journey to armchair directing? You may have some home movies that need editing, or you could have the next independent masterpiece. Computers have taken the chore out of making and editing videos at home on your computer, and made it fun, exciting, and easy. With CyberLink PowerDirector you are in the director's chair.

Create amazing videos at blistering speeds!

Most video today is recorded in high definition. That means you have large video files that can really take quite a bit of processing power to edit. With CyberLink PowerDirector you get all of the power that you need to create beautiful high definition videos at amazing speeds.

Power Director uses the fastest video rendering engine on the planet. This video rendering engine is called TrueVelocity. It balances the power of your computer, and the power of its own software to make rendering fast and easy.

Speed things up with 64 bit video editing

CyberLink's PowerDirector is the first video editing software package that runs at a 64 bit level. That sounds find and dandy, but what does it mean to you? Older 32 bit video editing systems can only use up to four gigabytes of ram. With 64 bit video, you will be able to utilize all of the memory in the computer. The end result is faster video rendering, and editing. With 64 bit video technology, you can edit more than one high definition video at once.

True Velocity Rapid Effect

Adding effects to videos is all part of the editing process, but for some video editing software packages, adding effects can bring things to a screeching halt. CyberLink PowerDirector uses GPGPU power to speed things up. You will be able to preview effects in real time and applying them can be up to 270% faster than the competition. Don't let your weak video editing software put your production behind schedule.

Fast Render speeds up rendering by up to 4%

That might not seem like much, but on a long high definition video 4% can easily save you tons of time. PowerDirector uses intelligent software that knows which parts of the video that have been changed. It will only render the portions of video that has had changes made. Waiting for your video masterpiece to render just got faster.


Renders video faster than any other video editor on the market today

The first video editing software package to use true 64 bit technology

Enhance your video with special particle effects, custom slide shows, animated menus and more

Over 10000 free video effects makes your video outstanding

Huge community of video creators that share not only their ideas, but their video creation secrets as well


PowerDirector makes video editing fun and easy. You can quickly add amazing effects to your home videos. Fix bad lighting and other video problems with the click of a button. Preserve all of your precious memories exactly the way that you want them. Become the director that you always wanted to be with CyberLink's PowerDirector.

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