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Driver Checker Review

driver checker boxYour computer consists of many pieces of hardware that work together. All of these pieces of hardware have special programs written just for them. These special pieces of software are called drivers. You could think of them as a translator between your computer's operating system and the hardware. Without drivers your computer simply would not work, and if you are using outdated drivers, then your computer may have frequent crashes, stalls, hang-ups and just generally run very poorly. Driver Checker makes updating and managing drivers simple.

Keep your computer drivers in check with three easy steps.

  • Step 1. Scan. This simple step will scan your entire computer system for any missing or outdated drivers. It will also perfectly identify every single piece of computer hardware.
  • Step 2. Update. The next step is completely automated. Driver Checker will connect to the largest driver database and locate all of the correct drivers for your computer.
  • Step 3. Fix. In this step driver checker will instantly fix any or all of the bad drivers on your computer, and it does it all completely automatically.

Why you should make sure that your system has the most current drivers.

Keeps crashes to a minimum.

Over time drivers can become corrupted. Programs and hardware will often share the same drivers, but sometimes conflicts can arise resulting in corrupted drivers. Suddenly your computer will start behaving erratically. It may start crashing and hanging up. Updating the drivers on a regular basis will solve this problem, and that is what Driver Checker was made for.

New improved drivers are created every day.

When hardware manufactures first release a specific piece of hardware, they get it running at a minimum, just to get it out the door. Over time, the hardware manufactures are able to get more out of their hardware.

When they do this, they will always release a better, more efficient driver that can squeeze more power out of your current hardware configuration. The problem is that the hardware manufactures don't always alert their customer base. Driver Checker will always make sure you have the most current drivers installed.

Keep drivers current with your operating system.

Operating systems are being constantly updated, and when they are, they don't always work so well with your current drivers. That is where Driver Checker comes into play. It will make sure that your drivers and operating system are communicating nice and smoothly.


Supports multiple operating systems

Fix all of your driver problems with one simple click

Gain instant access to over 1.5 million different drivers

High speed automatic driver downloads keep your computer current faster

Unlimited 24/7 tech support for any driver issues


Trying to keep track of every single driver installed on your computer system can be a complete nightmare. Most computers have hundreds of drivers installed, and some of them are not even necessary. Don't waste any time trying to find all of the current drivers on your own. Put the power of Driver Checker to work for you, and get back to your life.

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