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Driver Detective Review

driver detective boxMaking sure that your computer hardware has the most current up to date drivers is crucial. Outdated drivers can cause all sorts of problems. They can cause frequent computer crashes, hang-ups, stalls and slower computer performance. Searching for and identifying the correct drivers for every component inside your computer is not only a nightmare, but it can also be a very time consuming job. Put the power of Driver Detective to work for you, and quit wasting your time!

Driver Detective has a large database of up to date drivers.

Every piece of hardware in your computer needs a driver. Drivers are just small computer programs that allow your hardware to communicate with your operating system. Driver Detective can do all of the work for you. Let it find the correct drivers for your sound card, video card, graphics adapter, bluetooth devices, keyboards, mice, cameras, printers and webcams.

Scans your computer to determine your hardware

Once installed Driver Detective really lives up to its name. It goes undercover and scans your entire computer system. The people behind Driver Detective have been in the driver detection industry for over ten years. They have tweaked and refined their search procedures, making it the most robust scan technology on the market today.

As a Microsoft certified partner, Driver Detective has resources that other driver software does not. It can connect and leverage the power of Microsoft's update service to make sure every single driver on your computer is up to date, and free from any malicious code. 100% virus free drivers for your computer hardware.

Built in driver backup

Driver Detective also utilizes an easy to use wizard that will allow you to backup all of your drivers to multiple locations like: CD, External Hard drives, Network drives, or USB flash drives.

Easily migrate all of your drivers to an upgraded system

When it is time to upgrade, reinstall or downgrade your operating system, you are going to need a good backup of your drivers. Driver Detective will scan your computer, connect to its large database and download all of the most recent drivers for the operating system that you are changing to. When you are done upgrading your operating system, you will have a CD with all of the correct drivers for your computer.


Fixes all driver related issues fast and easy

Outstanding customer support has solutions to all complicated driver issues

Patented Machine Intelligence technology intelligently scans your computer

Huge virus free driver database filled with the best drivers from the best sources

Easily backup and restore all of your current and up to date drivers to ensure a smooth operating computer system


Managing all of the drivers for your computer can become a full time job. That is one reason Driver Detective was created. It goes to work so you don't have to. It can quickly and effortlessly scan your computer, connect to the driver database, download the latest drivers for your hardware and operating system, and install them while you do important things like checking your email. Driver Detective makes updating your drivers fast and easy.

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