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Driver Genius Review

driver genius boxIf you are looking for a driver management software, then chances are you have been plagued by the many problems that outdated computer drivers can cause like: unexpected computer crashes, erratic computer performance, computer slow downs and hardware glitches. Finding and updating all of the drivers for your computer system on a regular basis can be a time consuming nightmare. Driver Genius Professional makes driver management simple, fast and easy.

Driver Backup

Proper driver management starts with one simple step, backing up your current driver library. Driver Genius Professional can back up your entire driver library in just a few short steps. You have the options of backing up all of your existing drivers to a zip file, a self extracting file, and even an independent automatic installation program. This just makes restoring all of your drivers so much easier.

Driver Restore

Backing up all of your drivers is completely pointless if you do not have an easy way to restore them all. Driver Genius makes re-installing all of your drivers super simple. In the past you had to install each driver independently, then wait for them to load, and then you would have to restart your computer. This could take a whole day! With Driver Genius Professional you can install every single driver with just one click, and then walk away and let the driver management software do its job.

If you have several computers that have the same hardware configurations, this feature could save you days worth of work.

For advanced users, you have the ability to install drivers from the command prompt. Yet another great time saving feature of Driver Genius Professional.

What about driver updates?

Old drivers could very easily be the source of your many computer problems, and nobody has the time or resources to research and install new drivers for every single piece of hardware on their system.

Believe it or not most drivers are in actual Beta form when they are released into the market. Hardware manufacturers try to get their hardware to market quickly, and they don't always develop their drivers completely.

Many times after the hardware is released to market, manufacturers will refine their drivers, squeezing the most power out of their hardware. You may never even know that there is a new driver available.

Your computer system could see a performance increase of up to 50% with the most recent drivers installed. Driver Genius Professional has a huge always growing database of updated drivers. Never use an outdated driver again.


Backup your entire driver library into one easy to use file

Restore all of your drivers with one simple click

Keeps all of your drivers current and up to date

Easily uninstall older drivers that may be taking up valuable hard drive space

LiveUpdate keeps track of your drivers and finds new ones when they are released


Driver Genius Professional takes the guess work out of driver management. Increase your computer's performance, and have a much more stable operating computer system. Don't waste your time searching the internet for new drivers, let Driver Genius Professional do all of the work for you!

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