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Ginger Software Review

ginger software boxCreating compositions in the English language can be a difficult task for many people. There are all sorts of confusing rules that just don't seem to make much sense. All of this confusion can bring the whole writing process to a screeching halt. If you can't get your ideas down in a logical format, then you certainly can't create a literary masterpiece. Don't struggle to compose rich compelling text that engages the reader and leaves them wanting more. Avoid embarrassing mistakes that plague every person that tries to write with the world's leading spelling and grammar software, Ginger.

English as a second language

If you are learning English as a second language, then you know just how tricky it can be. Ginger makes it easier and it teaches you by allowing you to learn from your mistakes. It goes beyond common spelling mistakes. Ginger can correct complex grammar errors, sentence structures and much more.

Text to speech

The added text to speech tool is a bonus that can help you proofread all of your compositions. Authoring a piece of text makes it very difficult to proofread. You know what it is supposed to say, so your brain will often miss many mistakes. Don't waste your time and money on hiring a proofreader, let Ginger do it for you. Uncover your mistakes and fix them before your text goes public. This powerful feature can also improve spoken English as well.


Over 15% of the human population is affected by dyslexia. This can make it nearly impossible to write even the smallest block of text. Ginger helps people that suffer from dyslexia by allowing them to compose error free text for the first time in their lives without help from anyone else. This has proven to be a life changing experience for anyone suffering from dyslexia.

Powerful Grammar Checker goes far beyond simple mistakes

Save time and embarrassment by correcting complex grammar mistakes that are often difficult and confusing to fix. Ginger can correct preposition mistakes, verb mistakes, subject to verb agreement mistakes, pronoun mistakes, and many more. Ginger Software can greatly improve productivity and creativity by helping you compose rich compelling text that keeps readers wanting more.


Corrects grammar and spelling mistakes with powerful, easy to use software

Don't just make mistakes, learn from them with lessons and quizzes designed to improve your concept of the English language

Text to speech makes proofreading easy and helps recognize common punctuation mistakes

Improve your pronunciations by hearing Ginger speak in a natural sounding human voice

Helps users with learning disabilities like dyslexia by allowing them to write on their own


Ginger is much more than a simple spell checking software. It can help any user create better content be it something as simple as composing an email, or writing a 12000 word essay. The powerful set of tools that Ginger provides will pay for themselves in no time. Ginger allows you to increase your productivity, your vocabulary and it will help you create rich engaging compositions with little to no effort.

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