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Kaspersky Anti-Virus Review

kaspersky anti-virus boxThere are new computer threats born every single day. They can install themselves on your computer and cause it to frequently crash and that is just the beginning. Viruses can wipe your computer clean and leave you with nothing. System files are replaceable, but what about your personal files? You may have family photos and movies stored on your machine. If you use your computer for work, you could have all of your business files stored there too. One simple virus can quickly put an end to all of it by erasing every single bit of data on your computer. Protection is a must and that is where Kaspersky Anti-Virus comes into play.

Real time protection and prevention.

Kaspersky provides around the clock real time protection from viruses, malware, adware and other types of malicious software.

What does this mean to you?

As you use your computer, there are files constantly being used and written in the background. You are not even aware of most of them. While you shop online, data is being sent to your computer and sometimes that data has malicious intent. By scanning all of these files as they are being used or opened, Kaspersky can prevent any infections from even happening. It works so you don't have to. It is a virtual super hero in the world of computer viruses and it can put up a roadblock to defend your files.

Protects you while you surf the internet

Kaspersky's antivirus program has an additional powerful tool that prevents unwanted intrusions. When you open a web page Kaspersky checks this page against a database of known dangerous websites. If the site that you are trying to open matches a known dangerous website, Kaspersky steps in and prevents you from accessing the website. It does all of this silently in the background and it does it in the blink of an eye, without slowing down your computer.

Maximum performance

By using as little memory as possible, Kaspersky can run its complex software quietly in the background without disturbing your computer or slowing it down. This leaves more memory available to programs that need it.

Frequent updates

Just like real life viruses, computer viruses mutate and grow daily. One hacker might make minor changes to a virus and redistribute it under a different name. Viruses leave little footprints where ever they go. Kaspersky updates frequently and recognizes these footprints before they can make their way into your computer.


Real time protection provides nonstop defenses

Frequent updates provides best protection

Double firewall blocks hacker intrusions

Anti-spam protects your inbox

Secures identity and protects passwords


Kaspersky offers an easy to use set of tools that can lock down your computer and keep it safe from the threat of viruses, malware, adware and more. Independent tests have proven that Kaspersky removes every threat thrown its way. Most people wait until their computer is already infected. The best protection is prevention. Don't wait until its too late. Protect your valuable data and your personal files today.

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