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Kasperky PURE Review

kaspersky pure boxKeeping your computer locked down and safe from any type of intrusion has become a simple fact of life. The internet is a great place and it has become so much for so many people, but if your computer is not locked down tight, you could lose everything on it.

Unfortunately there are people out there who want to steal much more than your files. They want your identity. They use malicious software programs that will silently install themselves on your computer. This malicious code runs silently in the background. You will never even know that it is installed. It will record everything you type and then transmit all of the data to cyber criminals that are eagerly awaiting your user name, passwords and credit card information.

Identity theft has become the number one cyber crime in the world. You can protect your computer, your home network, your files and most importantly your identity with one simple software package called, Kaspersky PURE.

Protect your entire home network

Kaspersky PURE provides unprecedented protection for not just one computer, but every computer on your home network. You can monitor each computer and manage security tasks for each computer individually, all from just one computer on your home network.

Reliable real time protection

Protect your computer in real-time with the most updated list of current and known viruses, adware, spyware, malware and trojans. It all runs quietly and efficiently in the back ground while you work. You can rest assured knowing that your files and data are always safe.

Much more than a simple virus software

Protect your email with an intelligent spam filter that can weed out dangerous emails before you open them. The greatest protection is no infection at all and Kaspersky PURE stops infections before they happen.

This software protects your children with a set of award winning parental controls that puts you in charge of your child's online interactions. You can limit and completely block websites based on content or keywords.

Double strength firewall system not only prevents, but locks out any and all hacker attempts to log into your home network and steal your files, passwords and internet service. More and more hackers these days will log into unsecured home networks and surf the internet on your dime, while they leave footprints of the behaviors on your computer. A simple piece of software for prevention can lock down your computer system.


Secures your passwords

Secures your bank and credit card information

Uses award winning encryption to protect your identity

Free tech support ( Other software packages charge you by the call )

Automatice backups of vital information


Kaspersky PURE is so much more than a simple spyware tool. It can protect every computer in your home from one central access point. Consider these facts. Cost of a new computer: $1000.00, Cost of a computer service call to remove spyware and viruses: $150.00 per hour, Cost of your identity: PRICELESS. Protect yourself today and save as much as $20.00 off the retail price.

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