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Laplink PC Mover Review

laplink pc mover boxSo you made the popular choice of purchasing a new computer. Your old one still works fine, it was just a little out dated and slow. You could spend a few days moving all of your files from the slower older computer over to the new faster one, but who wants to spend all of their free time doing that? Laplink PC Mover makes this chore easy and fun!

What is Laplink PC Mover?

When you move into a new house, you need a whole crew of people to help you move all of your old furniture and belongings into the new house. Most people hire a moving company to help them with this daunting task. Moving all of your files from one computer to the next is very similar, and you can think of Laplink PC mover as the moving men. Put this reliable helper over to work so that you don't have to. Laplink PC Mover can move files, programs, settings and more from one computer to the next.

Easy to use

Having a new computer can be frustrating enough, especially if your new computer has a new operating system. Chances are things won't be the same. The last thing you need is a complicated piece of software that is supposed to make the whole job of moving your files easy. Laplink PC Mover has easy to use wizards that will walk you through the entire moving process.

The easy to use wizard will guide you in selecting which programs, files and settings you would like to move from your old computer to your new computer.

Don't worry this software will not remove or delete anything from either of your computers. Once the wizard is complete, it just copies the necessary files and gets them ready to be loaded on the new computer.

You can choose to move all of your files from one computer to the next with the Laplink USB cable, the Laplink parallel cable, across a network, a Windows Easy Transfer Cable, or any other type of media that can be read by both machines. You can even use a flash drive or external hard drive as a temporary storage device for the move.

Move multiple user files

Some computers are set up with multiple users. Laplink PC Mover allows you to select which files you would like to move from which user. It is simple, fast and easy.


Move everything in one easy to use process

Move personal files, program files and more with Laplink PC Mover

Easy to use wizards guide you through the entire moving process

Don't waste your time moving everything by hand, let Laplink PC Mover do all of the work for you

Rescue and move files from hard drives that have crashed


Getting a new computer is always a great time, but moving all of your old files to the new computer is usually a time consuming task that most people either don't have the free time to do, or they simply don't want to. Once they get started on the new computer, they quickly push the old one aside. Laplink PC Mover makes moving all of your files super easy. Get your old files on your new computer today with Laplink PC Mover.

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