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Natively Review

natively boxEnglish is a complex and often confusing language that can be very difficult to master. There are literally hundreds of confusing rules about things such as: sentence structure, grammar, vocabulary and punctuation. Learning just the basics of the English language can be a challenge itself. If you are struggling to learn English, then you will be glad to know that learning the English language just got a whole lot easier, with the Natively English Language Tool.

Learn in your own language

Natively English Language Tool is the only tool on the market that lets you learn in your own language. There are over 50 different languages supported. Learning English based on your own language is much simpler. You will be able to relate words from your own language to the English language much easier. This will improve the speed at which you can learn English.

Experience that works for you

With over 35 years of experience, Natively English Language Tool puts the power of their experience to work for you. Millions of people all over the globe have proven that the Natively learning system really works.

Learn English fast

Natively uses an intelligent software system that analyzes the way that you learn. It will then target all of your weak areas which allows you to learn English at a much faster rate. By focusing on your weak points, you can strengthen them and soon you will be speaking English fluently.

Learn the fun way

Learning any language can be a challenge. English is one of the hardest languages to master. Natively English Language Tool makes learning fun in several different ways. Interactive games will have you learning quickly and easily. Games always make things much more fun, and when you are having fun you don't even realize that you are learning. This makes the whole process of learning the English language so much easier. Complete fun and engaging puzzles, challenging memory games, and a wide variety of different style quizzes.

Start simple

Natively English Language Tool starts you off simple by learning single words. Once you master the pronunciations and meanings of these words, Natively starts to combine them into easy to understand phrases. Grow those phrases into perfect intelligent sentences that are easy to pronounce and understand.


Learn English in your own language with support for over 50 different languages

Fun games and quizzes make learning the complex English language fun and entertaining

Award winning English learning software with over 35 years of customer experience

Target your weaknesses and improve on them fast

Record your own voice to help perfect your English pronunciations


Natively's English Language Tool can help teach anyone the often confusing process of learning the English language. It is the only tool of its kind that approaches learning from your native language. Recognize words and phrase faster with help from pictures and fun addictive games. Find out how over eight million people from all over the world have learned the easy way with Natively English Language Tool.

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