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Norton Antivirus Review

norton antivirus boxA computer virus is a program that will install itself on your computer without your consent. It could come from something that was downloaded to your computer. Your computer could also easily get infected from something as simple as shopping online. These little programs are tricky and the only reason they even exist, is to make things more difficult for you. It is hard enough just trying to operate some programs. The very last thing you need is a computer virus making your computer almost impossible to use.

Your computer could even become infected from an email sent from a close personal friend or relative. These malicious programs are so nasty, that they will email themselves to everyone in your address book. That is one tricky way that they spread themselves across the internet.

No computer is safe from the threat of a virus. If you are not using an anti virus program, then your computer system is vulnerable to an attack. There is a silver lining to this dark gray cloud, and the comes in the form of a software package called, Norton Antivirus.

A name you can trust

Symantec was founded in 1982. In the beginning they focused on creating artificial intelligence programs. They have been making computer software before computers were a household item. Symantec knows what it is doing and its anti-virus software can keep your computer clean.

Protects your computer from multiple types of attacks

Your computer will not only be safe from the threat of viruses, but it will also be protected from other types of threats like: Malware, Spyware, Trojans, Password Stealers, and rootkits.

More protection

Symantec doesn't only protect home computers, they also offer a range of anti-virus software for business and corporate environments. Protect your business, your files and your brand by deploying Symantec's award winning software in your business.

Your computer may already be infected

Here are some common signs that your computer has a virus. It might be running very slow. Does it constantly crash or give you error messages? Are there new programs that you have never seen before nagging you with error messages and pop-ups? It may even lock up and stop working all together. You do not have to go out and buy another computer. Symantec Norton can fix all of those problems by removing the infection that is causing all of these issues.


Advanced real time protection

Stops many types of attacks

Easy to install

Easy to use

It is affordable


Symantec's Norton Antivirus is much more than a virus protection system. It goes beyond that by offering real time protection that will prevent your computer from becoming infected in the first place. If you are still on the fence, they do offer a trialware for most of their products. You can download a trial version and use it for free for a fixed amount of time. By doing this, you can see how easy it is use and most importantly how quickly it can lock your computer down and prevent any unwanted infections or intrusions.

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