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Norton Internet Security Review

norton internet security boxComputers are everywhere, and almost every computer has internet access. This allows data to be sent to and from your computer. This is supposed to be a good thing, but unfortunately there are bad people out there who want to get into your computer. Once they get in, they will try to steal your personal information, your financial information and your identity. You can protect yourself from all kinds of online threats with one piece of software. Norton Internet Security will keep your computer safe!

Multiple ways to protect you and your computer.

Online threats come in many different forms. Emails are not always safe, and neither is something as simple as surfing the web. Downloading files and chatting online are also risky business if you are properly protected. Norton Internet Security will protect you from every single way of infection and here is how.

It will instantly scan any files you download. It can tell how where the files come from, and how long they have been around. These files could be attachments in your emails, songs or movies that you have downloaded or temporary files that are being used while you surf the web. A multiple layer of scanning double and triple checks suspicious files against the worlds largest database of known threats. It then uses all of this information to determine if a threat exists.

Pulse updates keeps your computer current and safe from new threats

It is estimated that over 200000 new online threats emerge everyday. If your protection software is outdated then you are not protected. The Norton Internet Security software silently updates itself in the background every 5 minutes. There is no other security software that offers this convenience.

Award winning protection you can trust

Symantec's Norton Internet Security has been tested by leading industry magazines, and it always comes out way ahead of the competition. As a result, it is constantly winning awards for: Best Security Suite, Editors' Choice Awards, and Most Effective Protection.

Parental control

Protect your children with the Parental Control Management that is built into Norton Internet Security. Prevent them from accessing potentially harmful websites. Block popular file sharing sites that are known to spread malicious software programs. An easy to use wizard walks you through with simple step by step questions that can help protect your children while they are online.


Protects you and your family from multiple types of malicious programs

Smart firewall protects you from outside hacking attempts

Removes spam mail and keeps it from cluttering up your inbox

Protect your files, your computer, your personal information, protect your identity

Shop and bank online without any worries


Symantec has been making protection software for personal computers since the very beginning. They have a great reputation for providing excellent service at an even better price. Norton Internet Security provides valuable protection when your need it most. It stops threats before they happen and keeps your computer safe from every type of online threat known. It does this all with little to no effort from you. It works so that you don't have to.

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