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Panda Internet Security Review

panda internet security boxBrowsing the internet is not as simple as it used it be. New and different online threats are created everyday. That is bad news for you and your computer. Not only is your computer at risk for harmful and sometimes even fatal viruses, but you too are at risk. We all store personal and financial information on our computers in some form. This information can be taken and used illegally by other parties. Whether it is identity theft, or your bank account and credit cards being compromised, we all need protection. Panda Internet Security gives you the protection you need and more.

Protection you can count on.

Panda Internet Security will give you peace of mind to do all of your online banking, pay bills online using your credit cards and to do all of your online shopping. It also keeps spam from entering your inbox. You will only receive emails from people you actually want to hear from. You will be protected from hackers, viruses, and any other online threat that has the potential to harm your identity, your finances, or your computer.

User Friendly

Its easy to use interface makes it ideal for all users. With just one click of a button, you are supplied with all of the necessary data you need to know to be up and running.

Reliable Tech support

Receive technical support around the clock. Panda Internet Protection offers 24/7 technical support. They can be reached 365 days a year either through emails, web, or you can talk to a live person to help with any issue that may need assistance to resolve.

SOS Virus

This Fast virus reply service allows you to relay suspicious files to the Pandalabs technical engineers. Allowing you to get quicker results and to resolve any issues.

Reinforced Parental Controls

Allow your children to browse the internet with piece of mind with Panda's new and improved parental controls. Your children will be protected against any unsuitable content while they surf the web.


Remote access allows you to connect with any of your computers, from any location

Play online games without any problems or interference

Save and reinstate important data, and head off any risk of accidental loss.

Safe Browser allows you to visit any site with the safety of sandboxing.

With the Home Network Manager, you are able to access the status of your home computers security.


All computers are at risk of viruses, attacks from hackers, and identity thieves. Much like our own homes need a security system to protect against burglars, our computers need protection as well. Not only does Panda Internet Security act like a home security system, but it acts like insurance as well. It will give you the much needed coverage you want from any exposure to online threats. You will be giving your children a safe environment while they are online and protect yourself from any potential harm you may come across on the web.

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