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PC Health Advisor Review

pc health advisor boxYou may not know this but computers can get very sick, and when they do they get very slow. Adding and removing new programs can be one cause, but there literally hundreds of things that can cause your computer to act erratically. Making sure that your computer is running at its peak can be confusing and overwhelming to say the least. PC Health Advisor will make sure your sick computer gets healthy again.

Keeps your computer system files current

All of the hardware that resides in your computer requires small special pieces of software to function correctly. These files are called drivers. Old and outdated drivers can cause all kinds of problems for your computer. They can cause frequent crashes, stalled programs, screen and picture issues, and printers to stop functioning. Keeping all of these little files current is a huge chore, but PC Health Advisor will help you by searching for the most recent drivers and helping you install them. This alone can fix most common issues that slow down computer systems.

Increase your computer speed

Nobody likes a slow computer. If you can fix a cup of coffee while you wait for your computer to come on, then something is not working right. Opening files should be almost instantaneous. PC Health Advisor can help you speed up your slow computer by optimizing your startups programs, fixing and cleaning the registry and cleaning your clogged hard drive.

Improve security on your system

Surfing the internet is supposed to be fun and entertaining, but some websites can actually harm your computer by infecting it with nasty little malware programs that spy on your online activities. PC Health Advisor will remove all of these nuisance programs and put them in the trash for good.

Great tools make your computer run smoother

PC Health Advisor is full of handy tools that make complex computer operations so easy that even a child could do them. Clean up your computer by easily removing your temporary internet files, make changes to important settings and find out what programs you need to open unknown file extensions.

Free support and free updates

If you are in a jam, the people at PC Health Advisor are there for you. They offer free technical support for their customers. You will also enjoy free program updates. Technology is constantly changing and with it computer programs. PC Health Advisor is constantly adding to its database, keeping things current and up to date.


Keeps your computer running its best by optimizing core files

Increase your computer speed by removing unnecessary files and programs

Gets rid of malware that can steal your identity

Easy to use tools makes fixing your computer easy

Updates your core files. Updates itself and provides free tech support


If your computer has been running slowly, crashing frequently or acting erratically, then it might be time for a check-up. PC Health Advisor will check all of your computer's vital signs and make sure everything is where it should be. PC Health Advisor makes keeping your computer fast and healthy, super easy.

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