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PC Tools Antivirus Review

pc tools antivirus boxUnfortunately there are computer viruses everywhere. They will install themselves on your computer and start causing all kinds of trouble. If you are not currently using some sort of anti-virus software, you are at risk. These malicious programs can leave your computer useless, erase all of your valuable data, and some are even designed to steal your identity. Antivirus software is like an insurance policy for your computer. You need something that is easy to use, reliable and proven to not only rid your computer of potential threats, but prevent them from happening in the first place. PC Tools Spyware Doctor with Antivirus does all of that and more.

Powerful software means better protection

A complex series of algorithms and signatures work quietly in the background while you go about your business shopping, reading emails or posting updates on social networks and blogs. These small scans are lightweight and require little to no resources to run. This leaves all of the computing power to you.

Other virus programs are resource intensive. They can slow down your computer and cause unwanted crashes that can cause you to lose data. PC Tools Antivirus uses very little memory and it works in the background with no effort from you.

Easy To Use

Since its inception PC Tools Spyware Doctor with Antivirus software was designed to be easy to use. It went through several rounds of user testing before it was released to the market. These tests helped to improve the user interface and make things easier to use.

More that an anti-virus program

Computer viruses are not the only threats that exist in the computer world today. There are several other types of programs that can do much more damage. Viruses will attack your computer and erase data, these other malicious programs can steal your passwords, usernames and ultimately steal your identity. That would be a worse case scenario. Other types of malware and spyware will bombard your computer with annoying pop-ups, ads and bring your computer to a halt. PC Tools Antivirus not only prevents all of these types of threats, but it can also clean your computer of current infections.

Search defender

Protect your self from malicious websites with this built in tool that only PC Tools Antivirus software provides. An intelligent robot scans the entire internet and builds the largest database of unsafe websites that will try and steal your information. Every web page that you visit is checked against this database of known threats and if a match is found, your web browser is stopped before your computer can become infected.


Best protection for your computer

Scans for viruses and removes them

Protection from multiple threats

Quarantine infections, cleans and restores files back to normal

Advanced scanning finds the deepest rooted viruses


PC Tools Spyware Doctor with Antivirus is the best cure for viruses, malware and spyware is preventing them from happening in the first place. The program offers real time protection that is fast reliable and efficient. If your computer does not currently have any type of protection, then you are at risk. Make sure that you protect your system files, your personal files and your identity with the award winning anti-virus software from PC Tools.

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