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PC Tools File Recover Review

pc tools file recover boxIt happens all the time, and it happens to everyone. Files get accidentally deleted. It could be any file like: an important work presentation or spreadsheet, an irreplaceable home movie, family photos or some of your personal music collection. Don't panic! In most cases these files are not actually deleted yet, but the more you use your computer, the more likely you will not be able to recover any of these accidentally deleted files. PC Tools File Recover can help you retrieve those deleted files.

Recover files fast!

With an increased find rate, you won't be sitting at your computer waiting for PC Tools to do its job. It can scan your entire hard drive in less than five minutes, and display a prioritized list of deleted files. A unique set of fine tuned recovery algorithms will also recover files faster than ever. You can recover lost files in just seconds!

Find files on more than your computer

Sometimes deleted files might be on an external storage device. File Recover goes right to work and quickly finds lost files on external storage devices. Its lightning speed search and recovery will have those deleted files quickly back in your hands where they belong.

Support for multiple file systems

Not all computers or storage devices use the same file system to store files. Different versions of operating systems use different file systems too, but what does all of that mean for you? It is simple. PC Tools File Recover works with a wide variety of different types of file systems like: NTFS, FAT16, FAT32 and FAT12. It can recover more types of files regardless of your computer's current file system.

Repair corrupt files!

PC Tools goes where other file recovery programs can't. Sometimes when files are deleted, they get corrupted. In the past these corrupted files where not recoverable. PC Tools File Recover has been updated to repair these files. Once repaired, they can be restored! No other file recovery software on the market can do this.

Partial file name recovery

Some file recovery systems require that you know the exact full file name in order to successfully recover it. File Recover does not. It can quickly find and recover files without the full file name. Most of the times no one even knows the full file name anyways. Just one more way PC Tools File Recover makes recovering your deleted files so much easier.


Recover files quickly and easily with a new improved rapid search engine

Recover files in just seconds

Works on multiple types of fixed media

Multiple file systems supported

Recover files with only partial name matches


If you are looking for a fast, easy and affordable way to recover accidentally deleted files, then PC Tool File Recovery can get your files back where they belong, in your hands. Never worry about deleting files again. Restore your files, music, photos, and your memories in a click.

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