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PC Tools Performance Toolkit Review

pctools performance toolkit boxIn a lot of ways, computers are much like cars. They both make life easier, they both move very fast and unfortunately they both break down. When they do breakdown things get frustrating. When your car starts to act up, you can take it to a mechanic, but what do you do when your computer starts to act erratically? PC Tools Performance Toolkit is there to service your computer just like a mechanic services your car.

Give your computer a speed boost

PC Tools Performance Toolkit can make your slow computer run just like the day you bought it. It can repair the windows registry and optimize your hard drive for faster loading speeds. No more sitting around waiting for a program to load.

Make Windows Start Faster

It seems that the longer you use your computer, the slower it gets. Your program library grows and with it so do your files. When you turn on the computer, Windows will try to load dozens of programs at the same time. This is why it takes so long for your computer to actually come on. PC Tools Performance Toolkit can fix this all too common problem and have your computer starting up fast again.

Optimize your entire computer system

PC Tools Performance Toolkit goes way beyond the competition. It will speed up and optimize your entire computer. A handy monitor will allow you to see how your computer is using data and what is slowing it down. It will then rebuild and fix all of these issues that are causing a roadblock on your computer systems information highway.

Recover lost files

Lost and broken files can bring your computer to a screeching halt. Programs may be looking for files that are missing parts and pieces. These pieces of data could have been lost during a computer crash. Finding all of these missing files and restoring them could take weeks or even months. Nobody has the free time to even mess with this. PC Tools Performance Toolkit can quickly locate missing files and fix them to prevent these slow downs from ever happening again.

Protect your privacy

The internet can be a great place, but unfortunately there are people out there who want to steal information from your computer. It could be something simple or it could be your financial records. Either way you need to be able to protect your privacy from snooping eyes. PC Tools Performance Toolkit protects your online privacy by permanently deleting cookies and other files that could possibly interfere with your privacy.


100% 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Speed up your computer and optimize it for the fastest, smoothest operation possible

Protect your privacy with the built in Privacy Guardian

Recover lost or broken files that are slowing down your computer system

Keeps your computer's hard drive free from errors with easy to use hard disk tools


PC Tools Performance Toolkit is like having your very own computer mechanic right inside your computer system. Not only will it speed up your slow computer, but it will also prevent slow downs from happening in the future. PC Tools has the simple solution to slow computer problems.

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