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Rosetta Stone Review

rosetta stone boxLearning how to speak another language is an adventure, and just like every other type of adventure, you are going to need a guide. It can get very tricky knowing which path to take while you are carrying on a conversation in a foreign language. A good guide will not only teach you how to navigate your way through deep conversations, but it will also allow you to understand more than the language itself. Rosetta Stone will guide you on your way to learning a new language.

Learn much more than how to speak a foreign language

Speaking a foreign language is only the tip of the iceberg. You must also have a firm understanding of what to say and when. Mimicking is for parrots, you must understand every single syllable. Rosetta Stone will teach you how to speak a foreign language, but it will also teach you much more. Learn how to read and write in a foreign language. As you progress, you will be taught how to think in a foreign language. That way it will start to become more natural for you.

Learn the culture

Using Rosetta Stone's language learning software is the next best thing to actually living in a foreign country. You will be taught the culture of the foreign language. Every language has roots that go very deep into its culture. Rosetta Stone will help you learn about foreign cultures and their history.

Learn proper greetings, questions and introductions. Learn how other cultures use their language to tell time, use calendars and talk about the weather.

Learn the differences in each emotion and how it relates to the language that you are learning. Be able to ask for directions, point out locations and order food in a foreign language. These are all things that are extremely important and will be used in everyday situations when using a foreign language.

Make learning another language fun!

Rosetta Stone's course will keep you interested and engaged in learning with award winning interactive software. You can even plug in a headset with a microphone and use the powerful speech recognition software that is included with Rosetta Stone. Jump head first into games that make learning fun. Join the online community and practice learning together. Take your classes with you with an app for your mobile phone.


Learn how to speak, read, write and think in a foreign language

Join the online community for even more learning exposure

Learn important things like emotions, opinions, food and directions

Benefit from live online lessons with natively speaking instructors

Go mobile with MP3 files, a CD, or an app for your mobile phone

$579 USD for the full package is just to expensive


Rosetta Stone was the first company in the language learning industry to go public on Wall Street. They stand behind their products and base every single learning experience on one simple philosophy, Learning a foreign language should be fun, easy and effective. Let the power of the best technology make learning a foreign language easy for you with Rosetta Stone. The downside is definitively the price. With a price tag of USD $579 for the full package it's a rather expensive piece of software. If you're looking for a cheaper but not less effective and fun to use solution, go for Rocket Languages.

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