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Sage Simply Accounting Review

simply accounting boxRunning a successful business can take lots of time and hard work. To succeed you must know where all of your money is coming from and where it is going. Sage's Simply Accounting software can make running your business so much easier. It saves you time and time is money. It lives up to its name by making accounting simple.

What can Simply Accounting do for your business?

Making an accounting software package that is easy to use for anyone regardless of their accounting knowledge is what makes Simply Accounting so simple. Everything is presented in easy to understand screens and prompts. You can turn off or hide features that you don't need, and you can choose to display accounting or non-acounting terms to make things that much easier.

Keep track of everything with one central location.

  • Customers Manage customer contact information, billing and shipping addresses, open orders and more.
  • Expenses Enter and track all expenses with an easy to navigate menu system that puts everything right at your fingertips.
  • Inventory Manage every aspect of inventory from receiving, to purchasing, to delivery.
  • Keep Current With Cash Flow Know exactly where all of your money is, where it is going and how much you can expect to come in. View open orders, paid orders and more.

Simply Accounting is loaded with over 100 predefined easy to read reports that can give you valuable insight into many areas of your business.

  • Customer Reports Print detailed customer statements, lists and contact information. Track sales by customers and get detailed statistics on what they are buying and when.
  • Vendor Reports Keep the supply chain moving smoothly by printing detailed purchase orders, vendor statistics, purchase and payment transactions.
  • Inventory Reports Always know exactly how much you have on hand at any given time. Tie it in with detailed sales and vendor reports to keep tabs on every part of the inventory process.
  • Payroll Reports Keep track of your employee information and detailed payment history.
  • Graphs Colorful and easy to read bar graphs and charts make it simple to understand every single report generated.

Bilingual Support

Simply Accounting is the only accounting software that offers you the option of choosing to operate the software in English or Spanish. You can also switch between both currencies for all of your financial transactions.


Extremely powerful reporting

Easy to use and manage

Makes complicated payroll simple and easy

Print checks from right inside Simply Accounting

The only bilingual accounting software on the market


Simply Accounting lives up to its name by making things so simple for you. You don't have time to learn how to run a complex accounting package and you don't have time to learn special accounting lingo. You need to focus on growing your business. Simply Accounting give you the tools that you need to handle all of your accounting needs with ease. It is simple, efficient and affordable.

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