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Spy Sweeper Review

spy sweeper boxSpyware is yet another malicious offender when it comes to online threats. They have the ability to latch on to your computer and without you even knowing it. They will then have the ability to change your personal computer settings and are capable of harvesting your personal information. Spying is just what it does. They can spy on you through your computer. They will learn your internet habits as well as keep track of what web sites you visit. This software is an invasion of your privacy as well as a hazardous threat to your computer. Webroot Spy Sweeper will protect you and your computer against these online threats.

Phone Support you can count on

Webroot has the utmost in customer care. They are prompt when handling any issue and are knowledgeable about the product. Whatever your problem was before calling the customer care team, it is sure to be taken care of before the call ends.

30 day Guarantee

With such a superior product, they have nothing to lose. If for any reason you are not satisfied with their Spy Sweeper software, Webroot will give you your money back within 30 days of sale of the product. No questions asked.

Basic Installation

Extensive computer knowledge is not necessary when installing the Spy Sweeper. Webroot has made things simpler than ever. Any one that can turn on their computer and read is capable of installing the software.

Transfer to another PC

In the unfortunate case of having to replace your PC, you can transfer the Spy Sweeper. During your subscription, you can add the Webroot protection to your new PC without having to purchase another subscription.

Stay Connected

Stay informed of any new updates. Webroot stays connected just like you do. Now you can stay in touch via social networks. Keep up to date with any news or any new software offers.


Spyware discovery and disposal. Even the heaviest of threats will be removed.

No interruptions. Software can be run in the background while computer is in use.

Threat Assessment. Simple overview of risk allows you to make quick decisions.

Low Impact on Computer. Will not bog down PC, using most of its resources.

Stops even the most persistent of threats before they have a chance to infect your PC.


Your privacy is constantly being compromised. Every time you sign onto the internet, you put yourself and your computer at risk. The threats are becoming more severe and with more malicious intent. The internet is not going anywhere. As long as the opportunity for fraudulent behavior exists, there will be someone crossing that line. The only way to protect yourself and your PC is to have a spyware program that does what it claims to do. You need spyware software that works. Webroot Spy Sweeper provides the security you want and the protection your PC needs. Sign onto the internet and give and receive email without worry, knowing you and your computer are safe.

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