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Spyware Doctor Review

spyware doctor boxSpyware has spread quickly throughout the internet. It is a malicious software program that will install itself on your computer and then the trouble starts. It sits undetected, waiting for you to type in you usernames, passwords or even worse, your credit card information. It can record all of this information as it happens in real time. Once it is done harvesting all of your vital information, the malicious spyware program will silently send all of that information to someone who can, and will exploit it to the fullest, and that is just what spyware was designed to do. What about maleware, trojans, adware, phishing attacks and viruses? They are all designed to give you nothing but a headache.

Unfortunately these problems happen on a daily basis, but thankfully they can be stopped dead in their tracks with PC Tools Spyware Doctor. Today protecting your computer and your information is more important that ever, and over 160 million people all over the world have put their trust in this software.

Award winning software.

PC Tools Spyware Doctor has won countless awards in over five different countries. These awards include: Editor's choice awards and Best of the year. Over 11 of the computer industries top magazines have spoken and they made the choice very clear, PC Tools Spyware Doctor is a winner.

Independent tests have proven that other spyware software programs can still leave your computer a mess. They do not remove every threat, but Spyware doctor does, and it does it silently while you focus on more important things.

What's under the hood?

Spyware Doctor protects your computer in real time by stopping automatic downloads, web based attacks, and phishing attempts. It will safely and effectively scan your computer and remove any and all threats that may currently exist, and it does this all with a simple yet easy to use interface that is extremely intuitive.

Its built in Download guard will scan every single download against a large constantly updated database of known threats. Download safely without worrying about the threat of infection.

It uses constant real time protection that works while you are browsing the internet, chatting via instant messages and opening emails. It will alert you of suspicious, unsafe websites that will try and install malicious tracking and advertising cookies. It quickly goes to work by preventing these websites from running any suspicious Active X code, java exploits, and browser hijackers.

It stops threats dead in their tracks before they infect your computer and steal your personal information.


Removes spyware that other software can't detect.

FREE support for all users.

Easy to use.

Guaranteed to work or your money back.

Latest updates keep your computer safe all the time.


PC Tools Spyware Doctor has been proven to protect your sensitive information much better than the competition. If your computer has slowed down or if you think it might be infected with malicious software, then try a free scan today and rest assured that your information is safe.

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