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Stellar Windows Data Recovery Review

stellar data recovery boxEventually it happens to everyone that owns a computer. You may accidentally delete some very important files, or some malicious code like malware or a virus wipes the entire hard drive clean. Now you think everything on your computer is lost, but is it? No it is not. The data is still there even if it has been deleted, but you can't access it unless you have a data recovery program like: Stellar Windows Data Recovery.

First things first, Don't Panic!

The first thing that most people do in this situation is panic. This will only make things worse. Just keep your cool, and remember your valuable data is not lost forever.

Recover multiple types of lost data.

Believe it or not there is more than one way to delete valuable data from your computer, and Stellar specializes in recovering these types of lost data.

Accidental or intentional deletes

Recover a file from emptying the recycling bin or holding down the shift key while deleting a file. You can look all you want, but these files will not be anywhere on your hard drive. The good news is that Stellar Windows Data Recovery knows just where to look for your deleted files.

Hard Drive Formatting

This is usually done for good reasons, but sometimes you may accidentally re-format your hard drive. If you do this none of the data will be available to you. Sometimes a nasty virus can perform this very same function. Just remember step 1. Don't panic! Stellar Data Recovery can and will find deleted files on a hard drive that has been formatted.

Virus and malware

Such things can completely wipe out your entire computer system. These are just malicious programs that are designed to cause trouble, and one of the ways they do this is by erasing or reformatting your entire hard drive. Once again, your data is still there, don't panic. Stellar Windows Data Recovery can find these files and restore them.

Operating system failures

Those can happen all the time, and when they do they can corrupt data on your hard drive. The end result is data that is not readable or available to you. What are you going to do? By now you should know the drill. Don't panic, Stellar Windows Data Recovery is there to help you in just about any type of data loss situation.


Recover deleted files like: spreadsheets, photos, movies, music and more

Supports multiple types of accidental or intentional deletes

Get piece of mind knowing that all of your valuable personal information is still there.

Recover data from hard drives, memory cards, usb drives, raid servers and more

Designed from the ground up to be easy to install and use


This useful tool is there when you need it the most, when you or someone else accidentally deletes some or all of your files. Don't panic. They are still there and with Stellar Windows Data Recovery you will quickly have them back in your hands!

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