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Stylewriter Review

stylewriter boxUnfortunately poor writing habits can be very difficult to overcome. There are literally hundreds of confusing rules on grammar, spelling, punctuation, and proper sentence structure that just make the whole writing process much more difficult than it needs to be. Breaking away from these habits can be as difficult as learning all of the confusing rules. There is an easy to use piece of software out there that can tear you away from your bad writing habits and help you write beautiful engaging content that will have readers wanting more.

Your very own human editor

StyleWriter uses a unique editing approach that will double check your copy and mold your writing style to better suit your target audience. It will highlight words that can be cut from your copy to help simply things for your target readers. StyleWriter will show you how to keep your sentences short and to the point. Avoid confusing the reader with long drawn out sentence structures. Add some variety to your writing style by varying the use of highlighted words. All of this is done in an easy and unobtrusive way.

The most advanced spellchecker

Never make another incorrect spelling again. Most spell checking software will miss common contextual mistakes, but not StyleWriter. It corrects these often missed mistakes and others as well. The built in Smart-Spell technology analyzes the frequency of each word. Using this frequency StyleWriter then knows the probability that this word could in fact be an error. Never have another embarrassing spelling mistake again.

Target specific reading audiences

Every reader audience is different. If you are writing technical documents then your writing style needs to reflect that. If you are writing for the general public, and you use a technical writing style then you will confuse and bore your readers. StyleWriter helps you target specific writing styles to specific target audiences.

Edit everything in one place

Composing text can be a time consuming chore. The last thing you need is a bunch of different tools to make editing and finding your mistakes a challenge. StyleWriter checks for all mistakes and allows you to edit them from one central area. Edit grammar and spelling mistakes, check sentences for proper formatting and structure, proof read and improve the overall readability of your composition without having to open several different programs at once.


Powerful editing tools makes corrections extremely easy to identify and fix

Powerful spellchecker finds simple, complex and contextual mistakes that other programs miss

Easy to read graphs highlights your sentences and style in an easy to understand visual perspective

Fine tune your writing to match your target audience perfectly

Customize the editing experience to fit your specific needs


StyleWriter is an award winning powerful English language software that not only corrects common spelling and grammar mistakes, but it also helps you understand how to avoid those same mistakes in the future. Its comprehensive tools will help you match your composition to its targeted audience with ease. Stylewriter is like having your very own editor right in your computer.

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