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Symantec Internet Security Review

symantec internet security boxThere is something lurking on the internet that most people are not aware of. It can quietly install itself on your computer while you surf your favorite websites or shop online. It will collect all of your personal information. It will collect your name and address, your usernames, your credit card information and your bank account information. Once all of this information is collected it is then secretly transmitted using your internet connection, and deposited into the hands of a thief who will use all of this information to steal your identity. This happens on a regular basis and it can happen to you if your computer is not protected.

Protect your computer, protect your files, lock down all of your personal information and protect your identity with one affordable tool, Symantec Internet Security.

Award Winning Protection

Symantec Internet Security has won over 15 awards over the past four years and it continues to make headlines with its easy, yet valuable suite of tools that can protect you from the worst case scenarios. Industry leading computer publications are constantly choosing Symantec Internet Security for Software of The Year and Editor's Choice awards.

Updates automatically

Thousands of new computer viruses, spyware, malware and adware hit the internet everyday. Keeping on top of all of these threats is a vital key to keeping your computer safe. Most spyware software will update once every few days if you are lucky, but Symantec Internet Security utilizes Norton Pulse Updates. These updates happen every 10-15 minutes and they keep your virus recognition files current. All of this happens silently in the background without slowing you or your computer down.

File protection and insight

This smart software uses several different layers of protection that check themselves and every file on your computer. Redundancy is key.

Recent downloads are scanned for malicious software before you open and install them. If a threat is detected, it will automatically remove it and tell you where the file came from and add that location to an always growing database of untrustworthy websites.

Reputation you can trust

Symantec is the largest manufacturer of security software and they have been protecting computers since 1982. They have the largest database of known problem files, websites and services and they stop new malicious software from spreading faster than any other security software on the planet.

Not only does it protect your computer, but it also protects your email and home network from intrusions. Add in parental control management and not only monitor your childs online activities, but prevent them from accessing potentially harmful content. Put all of these together and you have a one stop solution for all of your internet security needs.


Smart firewall prevents advanced intrusions

Antispam targets spam mail in your inbox

Antirootkit keeps viruses from entering computer memory


Norton safe web


If your computer is not protected then neither is all of your personal and financial information. Symantec Internet Security lets you surf the internet, check email and shop online without every worrying about anyone stealing any of your personal information. Surf the internet safely and protect yourself.

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