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Threatfire AntiVirus Review

threatfire antivirus boxIt would be nice to live in a world where there were never any threats against your computer. Unfortunately today there are millions of different viruses just waiting to get inside your desktop or laptop and start tearing things apart. They are like little Gremlins that get into your system files. They start by removing important pieces of code and the next thing you know your computer starts crashing every few seconds. Others might be even worse and steal your credit card information and then your identity. There is some good news. You can protect your computer and your identity with one simple to use program called, Threatfire AntiVirus.

Better protection with a patented defense system

Threatfire AntiVirus is a completely different kind of anti-virus program. Most anti-virus programs can only detect viruses that have already been identified. Viruses leave a signature or a footprint. These signatures are then put into a database so that the anti-virus software can try and identify the same type of program on your computer. This sounds simple enough and it is, but this is one instance where you do not want simplicity. You want an advanced tool that can stop these malicious programs before they are identified.

Different is good

That is where Threatfire is different. It does not use this inefficient way of identifying computer viruses. Threatfire is continuously hard at work protecting your computer by analyzing the behavior of these threatening programs. It is the Psychiatrist of anti-virus software programs. All of the viruses, adware and malware behave the same, and that is why Threatfire prevents more attacks than any other software on the market. How much more protection? 217% more than the competition.

Award winning virus software put to the test

An independent panel of software experts have put Threatfire to the test. Its patented behavioral analysis software stopped everything that was presented, even virus files that were created minutes before the test. Viruses all behave the same and Threatfire recognizes this malicious behavior and puts a stop to it before any harm can be done to your computer or your sensitive personal information.

You don't have to be a computer expert to use this powerful software

The Threatfire antvirus software does use advanced techniques to prevent your computer from being infected, but it is a set and forget program. Installation is simple and after it is installed the only time you will even know that it is running, is when it detects some malicious behavior.


Protects you when other programs simply can't

Easy to use with no complicated cryptic messages

Protects your computer from multiple types of attacks

Runs quietly in the background using very little resources

Provides the absolute highest level of protection


Threatfire AntiVirus is the most advanced virus system on the planet. It does all the work of protecting your computer, so you don't have to. Threatfire is a true set and forget system that protects your computer by preventing infections before they happen. It works the way anti-virus software should work. Threatfire has examined more than 310,210,761,681 files globally and learned their behavioral patterns. Put this power to work for you.

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