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Transparent Language Review

transparent language boxLearning a foreign language is a great way to communicate with new people. It opens many different possibilities for you and every one around you. Most people struggle with learning a foreign language. It can be a difficult task. Computers and technology have made learning so much easier. With computer software, you can learn just about any foreign language from the convenience of home anytime you want. Transparent Language software can help you learn foreign languages fast and easy.

Become multilingual.

With Transparent, you can choose from dozens of of foreign languages. There software can teach you over 100 different foreign languages, including popular choices like: French, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Italian and English. How many languages do you want to learn?

More ways to learn.

Transparent Language offers you more ways to learn a foreign language. Learn at your own pace with a self guided tour. Transparent self guided online courses offer you over 50 hours of interactive lessons and 90 minutes of instruction with a certified language tutor.

Take a seat in one of the many virtual online classrooms. You will benefit from an experienced instructor, over 50 hours of material, and three months of access.

Improve your foreign language skills with a private instructor. Utilize a private tutor to help you get through any tough spots that you may encounter.

More places to learn

Not everyone has the time to sit at the computer and learn a foreign language. With Transparent, you can take your lesson with you. Just load them on your laptop, your mobile phone, or your MP3 player and practice when you have the time. These methods are great if you have a long commute. Just play the lessons and learn anytime you can.

A combination of learning tools

Use technology and one on one personal instruction to make learning easier. With Transparent, you get the best of both worlds. Learning a foreign language is difficult. There will be plenty of times when you have more than one question. A simple MP3 file of lesson can not answer your questions for you. That is when the ability to ask a real language instructor comes in. With Transparent, you get that ability. This one thing can be the difference in understanding what you are saying. If you do not understand what you are saying, you will make mistakes. You will have your very own personal tutor to answer all of your questions that will arise when learning any foreign language.


Over 100 different foreign language courses to choose from

Real live personal tutors make learning easier for you

Participate in online classes with other students

Take your lessons with you no matter where you go

Speak clearly and understand everything you say and everything said to you


Transparent makes learning a foreign language much easier with real human interaction. That is something that other foreign language software programs do not offer. You can jump right in an start learning immediately. Learn with quizzes, tests, fun interactive lessons and more. Transparent Language gives you the tools that you need to learn a foreign language with ease.

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