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Trend Micro Online Guardian Review

trend micro online guardian boxKids love to use computers. For most of them using a computer is second nature. No one had to show them how to use them. It just comes naturally. They use them in school, at the library, at friend's houses and at home. Children love to chat and communicate with their friends on the computer, or they may get wrapped up in games. Computers are great for kids, but there is a dark side to it all. There are websites and web content that you may want to block from your children. There are also plenty of predators that hang out in chat rooms, and social media sites just waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Don't let this prevent your children from using the computer. There is a software solution that can monitor and limit where and how your children use the computer. It is called Trend Micro Online Guardian For Families.

Important Monitoring!

As parents it is your job to monitor your child's online interactions. Trend Micro Online Guardian For Families makes this task so much easier. With this easy to use software you will be able to quickly monitor:

  • Social Network activities. Keep an eye on who your children are talking to on Twitter, Myspace and Facebook.
  • Instant messages allow your children to communicate with people in real time.. Make sure your children are not talking to the wrong people with instant message monitoring.
  • Monitor video and photo sharing sites. These sites are becoming more and more popular and most of them are integrated right into Facebook and Myspace. Find out what your children are viewing and posting with video and photo monitoring.
  • Monitor searches. See what type of searches your children are doing on the internet with this handy tool.

Filter inappropriate content

The internet is packed full of content that is not appropriate for children. With strong>Trend Micro Online Guardian, you can block websites that you think are inappropriate for your children. It is as simple as checking a few boxes.

Limit time spent on the internet

With Trend Micro Online Guardian For Families, you can easily set a time limit for the amount of time that you think your children should be using the internet. Not only can you set the total amount of time, but you can also limit usage to a certain time period, for instance 9:00 A.M until noon.


Protect your children by keeping a watchful eye on their online activities

Create custom profiles for each of your children based on their ages

Prevent cyber bullying and online predator interactions

Block content that you think is inappropriate

Limit the amount of time that your children can use the internet


The internet has made the world a small place. With just a few clicks of a button your children can be talking with someone on the other side of the country, or a predator that lives in your community. Trend Micro Online Guardian For Families is your knight in shining armor. This easy to use software package can prevent your children from going to the wrong places on the internet, and chatting with the wrong people. Keep your entire family safe with Trend Micro Online Guardian.

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