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Trend Micro SafeSync Review

trend micro safesync boxComputers crash. It does not matter what kind of computer you have or when you got it. Somewhere down the line it could crash. If you are like most of us, you have important information, files and photos that are stored on your computer. With out back up, you are at risk of losing all of the data you have. Backing up your computer is very important in order to protect the important things you may have stored on it. The only problem with backing this information up on a disc, is you have to keep that disc protected. With Trend Micro Safe Sync, there is no need to worry about losing discs, viruses or computer malfunctions. They keep your important data safe and secure and available when ever you want it.

Security you can trust

Much like your online banking security, SafeSync uses the same safety measures. This ensures that you receive the utmost of online security protection.

Accidentally deleted files are safe

Much like your computer, SafeSync also has a recycling bin. Any data that you may have deleted accidentally, can be recovered from that bin. SafeSync also allows access to older versions of files that may have been changed previously.

Instant back up

No need to worry about saving files on to discs. The moment you save any data, it is instantly copied and backed up with SafeSync. No worries of discs getting damaged or lost.

Gain access to your files anytime

As long as you have access to the internet, either through a computer or cell phone, your files are at your fingertips. This will allow you to show photos or any other data with others no matter where you are without using your own computer.

Sharing made simple

Share photos and data the same way you would from your own computer. With SafeSync, you can share information through emails, social networks and even instant messages.


Privacy. Not even Trend Micro has permission to your data without your consent.

Firewall Protection. Your data is protected from any online threats.

File Storage. Data is stored in several different places and backed up continuously.

Unlimited access. Share or cancel access to your data from anywhere.

Ongoing Access of restored and backed up files.


Backing up your computer is an essential step to keep your data safe. Unfortunately most of us are guilty of rarely, if ever, doing it. Online viruses, hackers or system malfunctions can render our computers useless. These threats not only have the potential to ruin our computer, but to wipe out years of saved data and files. In an instant all of your saved pictures, music and any other important information can be gone with no chance of recovery. Discs are easily lost or damaged and they take up space to store them. The safest way to protect your files is through Trend Micro SafeSync. They keep your data safe and available when ever you want from anywhere.

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