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Undelete Review

undelete boxIt happens to everyone and once it does most people think that it is to late. You move a file to the recycling bin and then you forget about it. A few days later you empty the recycling bin and now all of the files that were stored in there are gone forever, but are they? You can still recover those files if you have a software program like Undelete.

Recover deleted files quickly

Don't panic your files are still there and with the help of Undelete you can have them back in working order in just a matter of seconds. With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can have all of those files restored.

How does Undelete protect your files?

The Windows recycling bin is replaced with a recycling bin from Undelete. It is more of a catch all recycling bin. It logs and intercepts every single file that was deleted from your system regardless of who deleted them or how they were deleted. It even protects files that have been deleted on shared network drives, files that have been deleted from the command line, and files that are too large to fit into the recycling bin.

Lost files are found!

With Undelete lost files are never really lost. It features a powerful search feature that lets you search for lost deleted files, or you can browse the Windows Explorer like interface to browse all of the deleted files. Once you locate the file that you are looking for, it is as simple as selecting it and choosing recover. The lost file is no longer lost. Now you have access to it. A handy preview feature lets you preview the file before restoring it so you are 100% positive that you are restoring the proper file.

Will not slow your computer down!

Most computers are already loaded with dozens of running programs. The last thing anyone needs is another program that just slows things down. Undelete uses a new technology called InvisiTasking. This powerful technology prevents the tool itself from using your computer's resources. Undelete runs silently in the background and it will not affect your computer's performance.

Version protection

This unique feature will allow you to recover Microsoft Office files that have already been overwritten. This feature alone makes Undelete one of the most powerful file recovery software packages available today.


Recover deleted or lost files within seconds using just a few mouse clicks

More proficient recycling bin automatically adjusts to your disk size

Support 64 bit operating systems

Fast and powerful search features allow for easy file recovery

Erase secure and confidential data permanently from your hard drive


Undelete is a powerful file recovery software package that really works. Never worry about accidentally deleting another file again. Its easy to use interface will have all of your deleted files back where they belong so you can start working with them again. Let this useful helper protect your computer from accidental deletes and recover deleted files quickly and easily.

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