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Whitesmoke Review

whitesmoke boxEnglish can be a very difficult language to master. There are so many different rules for spelling, punctuation, sentence structures and grammar. Native American speaking people still have trouble with all of the confusing rules. Students and authors make common mistakes all the time. These mistakes can cost you valuable time. If you are learning English as a second language, then you know how difficult it can be to compose a simple paragraph. There is one tool that can make everything so much easier, and it is called Whitesmoke.

Artificial intelligence makes writing easy!

Whitesmoke puts advanced artificial intelligence to work for you. This artificial intelligence goes much further than analyzing spelling and grammar rules. It uses a complex set of natural speech algorithms that check all major and minor rules, as well as analyzing real mistakes that real people make every single time they try to compose in English. Whitesmoke's artificial intelligence is so advanced that it currently holds a patent for its advanced technologies.

Built in dictionaries and thesaurus

Never find yourself stuck with a loss of words again. Use the built in thesaurus to spice up any boring composition. This helps you break away from common writing styles that can make your compositions sound the same every time you write them.

Grammar checker

Whitesmoke has the most advanced grammar checking software on the market today. Composing texts on the computer can lead to very common grammar mistakes. You need to get your ideas down first, and make corrections or additions later. The built in grammar checker will analyze your text and fix any embarrassing grammar mistakes. It is proofreading perfection. With one simple click Whitesmoke can find errors that the human eye always misses. Turn an ordinary paragraph into a compelling piece of literature that keeps the readers attention.

Improve and adapt your writing style

Every person has a certain writing style that comes out naturally, and most of the times people are rushed when writing. Whitesmoke analyzes your specific style by finding words and phrases that are often repeated. Whitesmoke can make simple suggestions that will broaden your style and make your writing much more compelling.

Powerful translation software

Translate your compositions into every major language with just the click of a button. Take your writing to new places and capture a larger audience with this extremely beneficial tool.


Seamlessly integrates with your computer system via an easy to use toolbar that does it all

Several language dictionaries make translating single words easy

Powerful translation software can translate full blocks of text with one simple click

Correct grammar and spelling mistakes as you work

Explains errors so that you can learn from your mistakes and avoid them in the future


Whitesmoke is an extremely powerful tool that anyone could benefit from. It works great at home, in the office and every where in between. Whether you are learning English as a second language or you are a student that wants to speed up the writing process, Whitesmoke can help you write faster, make less errors, and create rich compelling text that will capture the readers attention.

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