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Window Washer Review

window washer boxEvery single time you go online, your computer leaves little footprints of where you have been, and what you have been doing. The are hundreds of temporary files that get stored on your computer. These files are not kept for malicious purposes. Your computer stores these temporary files so that when you come back, everything loads much faster. Other files are stored maliciously. These files can track your every move. Let Window Washer from Webroot completely remove any and all tracks that you may leave behind.

Permanently erase browser activities

Window Washer goes to the source and completely removes and erases all traces of where you have used your internet browser. Keep your privacy private and let Window Washer clean and get rid of your internet browsing history, all cache files, temporary internet files, cookies, search forms, web addresses, and more. It does not matter which internet browser you use, Window Washer can clean them all.

Use Bleach to erase everything for good

Window Washer uses a high grade encryption feature that is called “Bleach.” This feature ensures that all files are permanently destroyed. When you delete a file manually, it still resides on your computer. It will remain there until another computer over writes it with a new file. You can't see it with your operating system, because it has been made available as “free space,” but it still exists. Bleach will overwrite these files with randomly generated characters. Once this is done, the file is gone for good!

Recover loads of free space

There can be thousands or file pieces residing on your computer's hard drive. These file pieces are not being used by anything. They are just the leftovers from deleting a file. Window Washer can round up all of these fragments, and get rid of them permanently. The end result is a faster computer with more free space.

Use the Shredder!

Window Washer has one simple feature that most users love. It is called “The Shredder.” All it takes is one simple click to virtually shred the entire contents of a folder or a specific file that you choose. One click can permanently delete the files that you have chosen.


Keep your privacy private with Window Washer from Webroot

Completely and permanently erase all of your online footprints with ease

One click file deletion can permanently delete files forever

Find valuable free space that you did not know existed

Setup automatic washes and never fool with manually washing your computer again


Window Washer by Webroot gives you your privacy back. With just a few simple clicks you can completely and permanently erase all of your online tracks. Get rid of your temporary internet files, cookies, cache, and internet browsing history. This useful little helper allows you to browse the internet with complete and total privacy. It is your computer, protect your privacy with Window Washer from Webroot.

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