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ZoneAlarm Extreme Security Review

zonealarm extreme security boxThe internet is full of potential threats that are just waiting to get into your computer system and wreak all kinds of havoc. These days almost every computer is connected to the internet, and that is where almost all of these threats originate. Portable computers like laptops and netbooks are at risk to these threats and many others. You need some kind of protection that will lock down your computer and prevent any unwanted intrusions. You also need to protect your data from prying eyes. ZoneAlarm Extreme Security will provide you with all of the protection that you need.

Protect your data even if your computer is stolen.

Laptops and netbooks are easy targets for thieves. They are small, lightweight and easy to just pick up and walk away with. A laptop is stolen once every minute. If yours is stolen, the thief not only has your computer, but they also now have access to all of your personal information.

Usernames, passwords, bank information, and other sensitive information is now right at their fingertips. ZoneAlarm Extreme Security encrypts your whole computer system and prevents anyone from using any of it.

Every piece of data is hidden unless you have the correct password. No password means no access. All of your information is safe. You may be out a laptop, but they can be replaced. Lose your identity to a thief and you will spend your lifetime paying for it.

Advanced Two Way Firewall system adds an extra layer of protection.

Most firewalls only block hackers from getting into your computer system. That is a good things, but you also need to make sure that all outgoing data on your computer is protected as well. This Two Way Firewall does exactly that. It protects you from outside intrusions and it protects your computers from sending any unauthorized data out via, malware or sypware.

Proven protection against against all types of attacks.

Get extreme protection from every type of online threat. Viruses, malware, spyware, adware, trojan horses and password stealers are all a thing of the past once you install ZoneAlarm Extreme Security. It will protect you from all of these threats and more.


Powerful Operating System firewall monitors your crucial system files and prevents unwanted changes

Keep an eye on your credit with free credit bureau monitoring

Built in spam guard prevents your inbox from filling up with unwanted spam

Private browsing erases all of your internet tracks and lets you surf in complete privacy

Keep prying eyes away from your sensitive data with hard drive encryption


Three out of five people that do not protect their computers lose all of their data to viruses. 1 out of ten unprotected users lose their identity to identity theft. ZoneAlarm Extreme Security will protect you and your computer from all of this and more. Get the extreme power of complete encryption to protect all of your sensitive data on your laptop or netbook. This is the most comprehensive internet security package available today.

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