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ZoneAlarm Internet Security Review

>zonealarm internet security boxThe internet is no longer a safe place. There are threats lurking behind everything that you do. Your computer could become infected with malicious software just by checking your email or logging into a social network like Twitter or Facebook. Simply visiting a website can infect your computer too. If your computer is not currently protected, then you are at risk. ZoneAlarm Internet Security protects your computer from all of these threats and more.

Intelligent anti-virus / spyware scanning software

Using a complex set of algorithms, Zonealarm scans your computer system for any known threats. When it is done, it double checks its scan against a unified system that has been proven to detect all viruses, spyware, trojans, worms, bots and any other malicious software that exists today. ZoneAlarm Internet Security also stays on top of the newest threats that emerge every single day with frequent updates.

Powerful two way firewall system and what it means for you.

Most computers already have a firewall installed. These firewalls prevent intrusions from hackers outside of your home. These are referred to as single way firewall systems and they work great, but you really need a two way firewall system and here's why.

If your computer is infected with malware or any other type of malicious software, the software will attempt to collect information from your computer and send it out to a thief that is just waiting to exploit it. This information could be usernames, passwords, credit card information or even your social security number. A two way firewall system blocks incoming threats and outgoing threats. ZoneAlarm Internet Securit offers more protection, and more reliability all in one easy to use package.

Operating System Firewall

ZoneAlarm adds something new to internet security systems and it is called “Operating System Firewall.” Here is how it will benefit you. There is no anti-virus software that is 100% effective. ZoneAlarm's new Operating System Firewall is an added layer of defense against new threats that can successfully bypass other anti-virus scanners. It monitors your computer's crucial operating system files and prevents any changes.

Parental Control

ZoneAlarm has built in parental controls that block inappropriate websites before your children can access them. A filter based system blocks websites in over 30 different categories. Websites that don't fall into these categories get scanned to determine their content.

Parental control

Protect your children with the Parental Control Management that is built into ZoneAlarm Internet Security. Prevent them from accessing potentially harmful websites. Block popular file sharing sites that are known to spread malicious software programs. An easy to use wizard walks you through with simple step by step questions that can help protect your children while they are online.


Advanced download protection scans all files in three different ways for maximum protection

Protect your identity with free credit report monitoring

Anti-spam prevents your inbox from filling up with unwanted emails

Wireless PC protection locks down your whole wireless network

Protect yourself from dangerous websites with smart website detection


If your computer is not currently protected, consider ZoneAlarm Internet Security. It can prevent every type of online threat before it is too late. It's easy to install, easy to use set of internet security tools can protect you and your family from hackers and other outside intruders. If you are in the market for an Internet Security software package, then take a close look at ZoneAlarm. Its loads of features and dependability just can't be matched!

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